Hand Hygiene

Goodbye germs, hello healthy looking & feeling hands at home and work!

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Introducing Dry Soap

Not just bad for bacteria, but good for your skin

No Stickiness

Our solution keeps the hands clean.

No Odors

Tired of unpleasant smell on your hands after using a sanitizer? Our solution cleans hands without leaving any after smell.

sanitify-alcohol free sanitisers

No Broken Skin

Our solution doesn’t penetrate the skin, instead, it will lay a protective layer on your skin.

Alcohol Free

Alcohol isn’t a viable solution in everyday use, as it dries out your skin and makes it more penetrable for harmful bacteria in the long run.

How much solution do you need?

Keep your hands squeaky clean for less than 0,001€/time

Alcohol-Free Formula, which is safe for humans

Water-based formula enriched with Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera, and Biopolymers. It removes 99.99% bacteria with long-lasting protection keeping hands clean without drying out your skin. Treated with anti-static properties, it's safe to use near electronic devices.
1. Lasts Longer
Diferrence between Sanitify Dry Soap compared to other products, such as hand sanitizers, work by poisoning bacteria through a single active substance and they stop being active once they have dried out. Sanitify’s alcohol-free solution continues protecting even when it dries.
2. Clinically Tested
Clinical studies are conducted by independent laboratories on our products to prove the efficacy. Research and innovation meet science and quality assurance in our process of product development to make sure you have a great product in your hand.
3. Made in Sweden
Our formula is created by Swedish scientists and also manufactured in Sweden.

The solution to keep you, your employees and customers' hands clean

Studies show that one can get protection against germs for up to four hours, but our results show that even after eight hours, there are fewer bacteria on the hands than when the day started. The protection depends on how quickly the invisible protection wears off.
Alcohol-based hand sanitizers work by poisoning bacteria through a single active substance. They stop being active once they have dried out.
The formula we are using is an advanced formulation that affects both bacteria in a chemical and physical way. That way Sanitify alcohol-free sanitizer continues protecting even when it becomes dry.
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Sanitify Dispensers

Select a reliable solution for keeping your customers and employees' hands clean.
How long can you go with 1 wall dispenser and 1L refill bag?


Per 1 Liter Bag

30 000

Battery Life

On average with 1 battery you can have that many doses



Against different bacteria



Clients love our Sanitify Alcohol-Free Solution, because it actually keeps their hands clean

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Going alcohol-free is better for your hands in everyday use